Best Buy Yet!

20151229_221841 At the end of last placement i purchased an expandable file in order to speed up the start and end of each lesson by not having piles of sheets of kids work and resources! 

This has been my best purchase of the year so far!

How I use it:

I have 2 sections for each class: 1. ‘Name of the class’ which includes all the worksheets for the lesson and any lesson resources 2. ‘Extras’ this includes any worksheets from the previous week that kids who havent been there or who have lost it may need and homework to give back.

This has been really useful for a couple of reasons:

1. Quick and easy to see if students need any work back

2. Always have the worksheets that the student who says “miss i lost your sheet” or “miss i wasnt here last Tuesday” and i don’t have to run back up to the office and trawl through a pile of paper on my desk.

Definitely something I would give a go if you have a chance! Hope the January slog isnt to bad!



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